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Established in 1991, UNITEAM has become a widely recognised brand throughout the world of CNC machining centres, thanks to the combination of innovation and technological quality of its products. For more than 20 years UNITEAM has been manufacturing boring-milling machines and machining centres to meet multiple production requirements, for the furniture industry both industrial and artisanal, wood carpentry and the processing of plastic materials and advanced composites.

UNITEAM’s aim is to develop and supply not just a machine, but to provide customized solutions for each specific application, accessories, tooling, equipment and work cycles. The experience gained in  hundreds of systems, together with an acute sensitivity towards customer's requirements, has lead UNITEAM to put a particular attention to preventive machining analysis and feasibility study customization of machine lay-out, optimization of milling technologies and integration with the most advanced CAD-CAM

Our after-sales technical assistance and plant retrofitting is aimed at maintaining the value of the investment over time.