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CNC Woodworking Structures - ULTRA

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CNC machining center for machining of solid and laminated wood beams.

ULTRA is a machining center ideal for all wood elements used in the construction of frame houses, panel houses (optional 3.000 mm) prefabricated buildings, playgrounds and in carpentry. It can quickly perform all the most common carvings such as pins and mortises, struts, lap joints, profiles, dovetail joints, etc..

ULTRA can work rapidly beams with the following dimensions:
60x60 mm
600x250 mm
1.000x250 mm.

Strengths: Monoblock structure. Special system of evacuation of swarf that avoids the accumulation of dust in the work area and in the adjacent movements.

The main feature is its locking and progress system by means of patented hydraulic clamps that allow to work the 6 faces of the beam without ever leaving the mechanical grip on the workpiece.
This system allows the repositioning of the piece without friction and maintaining a high precision.
To work the lower face, its powerful hydraulic clamps perform a rotation of 90°, during a fully automatic and synchronized cycle.
ULTRA has an innovative numerical control with a graphical user interface, adaptable to import entire three-dimensional projects in *.btl tandard fromall the most advanced CAD/ CAM software in architecture and engineering dedicated to timber construction.
When generating the bill of the pieces, it optimizes all the individual processes including the set-up of the tools, in a totally automatic way.

Configuration: ULTRA has a powerful five-axis CNC electro-spindle with a power of 17 KW/ 23 HP HSK 63E with liquid cooling and automatic tool changer with 8 positions for the milling units, special blade change and aggregate chain.
Available upon request a second five-axis CNC unit with the same characteristics so that it is possible to perform tool changes in masked time or simultaneous machining with both work units.
For the machining of BLOCK HOUSE grooves there is a group consisting of four independent milling tools with variable controlled distance.
The machine can be equipped with a system for automatic loading and unloading of the elements.
Its modular design allows a quick and easy installation.