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CNC Woodworking Structures - EXTRA BM3

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CNC center for cutting of beams and XLAM/ Clt panels, an innovative construction system that employs dynamic and secure wooden panels in the construction of walls and roof slabs for any type of structure.

EXTRA BM3 has many strengths that turn into competitive advantages for our customers. Thanks to its mobile gantry it is modular, configurable according to customer's production needs and sized properly to ensure high mechanical strength and high precision.
Work areas are extremely spacious and customizable, with strokes that  can vary from 13 to 60 meters in length, and up to 5 meters wide, suitable for working wood panels laminated XLAM/ Clt in standard sizes, curved beams and boomerang with thicknesses up to 400 mm.
It has an innovative numerical control with a graphical user interface, adaptable to import entire three-dimensional projects in *.btl standard from all the most advanced CAD/ CAM software in architecture and engineering dedicated to timber construction.
When generating the bill of elements, it optimizes all the individual processes including the set-up of the tools, in a totally automatic way.

Configuration: EXTRA BM3 has a powerful five-axis CNC electro-spindle with a power of 35 KW/ 47,6 HP HSK B 80 with liquid cooling and automatic tool changer.
Available on request a second 5-AXIS CNC or dedicated blade unit.
Its tool magazines are designed to accommodate all routing groups needed for the various processes, such as: large blades, planer tools, drills, chain aggregates, heavy tools suitable for heavy shaving.
EXTRA BM3 can be equipped with a system of rollers and motorized chains to perform loading and unloading of the panel in the longitudinal direction and/ or transverse depending on the factory’s production flow and automation.
The panel is brought into position, pulled close to the mechanical retractable guides and then laid down on sturdy wood supports while pressure rollers and eventual suction cups keep it stable during machining.