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CNC Woodworking Interiors - U_max

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3, 4, 5 axis machining center with fixed bridge structure and mobile workstations for the production of doors, windows and elements for the furniture industry.

High-level center suitable  for big industries and craftsman who need extreme flexibility and an industrial use of the machine on multiple shifts.
It offers many production options for furniture, doors, curved doors, shaped and decorative elements, elements for windows and stairs.

Strengths: multiple spindles for processing elements in series.
Z axis independent for each group. It’s possible to have X/ Z independent axis for multi-process simultaneous machining.
Robust aluminum supports and equipment trolleys allow a quick setup of the worktable (suction cups, vertical and horizontal clamps, Ramprex counter-shapes and forms).
Automatic handling system of tables.
Alternatively, there is a continuous worktable in Ramprex, suitable for applications of nesting type or the processing of plastic sheets, polycarbonate and other composite materials in sheet.

Configuration: large variety of configurations, many accessories and different types of boring groups.
3-4 axis spindles with power ranging from 9 kW/ 12 HP to 16 KW/ 22 HP ISO 30/ HSK 63F, air-cooled or liquid-cooled.
5 axis high-power motor spindle, 16 KW/ 22 HP, HSK 63F liquid-cooled.
Wide range of tool magazines.
High-speed grooving blade with pneumatic rotation 0°/90°.
Sturdy electro-spindle with double horizontal output for machining of doors 2,2 KW/ 3 HP; 5,5 kW/ 7,5 HP.
Standard PC equipped with the latest generation of Windows OS and a very flexible CAD program.