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CNC Woodworking Interiors - U_Lab N

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High performance multipurpose 3-4 axis machining centres.

U_lab N is a new modern CNC designed to produce elements for furniture cabinets or composite materials.

Strengths: the high level of automation and software integration of CN allow considerable time saving during the production cycle, optimizing the processing and remarkably reducing operator interventions. The gantry portal structure has been studied using FEM, CAD project tools to optimize inertial movements enhancing acceleration and speed performances, maintaining rigidness and precision. The Phenolic worktable has been conceived for high vacuum capacity, with a double layer vacuum chamber granting the best vacuum distribution all over the working field. The upper surface is crafted by the CNC creating grid reticulum in order to host seal rubber or fixing the overlaid vacuum modules.

Configuration: different configurations are available with  various options and drilling units.
Electro-spindle with power from 8-9,6 kW to 11-13 kW.
Different types of tool changer.
4° axis (C) at 360°.
PC operating system Windows 7 e Windows 8 equipped with the software U-Suite (standard supply), will provide all tools U-Machining for programming, parameters set up and adjustment to optimize machining operations.