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CNC Woodworking Interiors - EXTRA

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Machining center for industrial manufacturing of complex shaped and three-dimensional parts.

EXTRA is a high level GANTRY type machining center, suitable to work more than one shift per day. It offers a wide range of configuration options for furniture, curved doors, shaped and decorative elements and stairs. It can be equipped with 5-6 interpolating axes and offers almost endless possibilities for customization with regard to operating units, size of the worktables and specific locking systems.

Strengths: Sturdy support and continuous Ramprex worktable, ideal for nesting type machining, folding or cutting of plastic, polycarbonate and other composite materials in sheet.
3D pantograph for complex parts.
Component passage 600 mm.

Configuration: EXTRA has many configurations and various accessories.
Headstock & tailstock system (CN Lathe).
5 AXIS electro-spindles with power ranging from 9 kW/ 12 HP ISO 30/ HSK 63F, to 16 KW/ 22 HP HSK 63F and 17 KW/ 23 HP HSK 63E liquid or air-cooled.
Wide range of tool magazines.
Blade magazine on board gantry X for 5 axis units.
Special blade folding unit.
Interfacing with external CAD/ CAM is possible to meet many design and solid modeling requirements.