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CNC Composite Machinery - EXTRA BMR

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5-axis CNC center for complete machining of isothermal panels for industrial vehicles and the processing of walls, floors, roofs of caravans and motorhomes.

Thanks to its mobile gantry structure, EXTRA BMR is configurable according to customer's production requirements and sized properly to ensure high mechanical strength and high precision.

Strengths: continuous Ramprex worktop, suitable for applications of nesting type or milling of plastic sheets, polycarbonate and other composite materials in sheet.
Working areas allow machining of sandwich panels of sizes up to 20.000 x 3.000 mm.
Its mobile gantry structure also allows customization of the worktop that can be equipped with motor roller conveyor for easy integration into automated production lines, where the fixing of the workpiece takes place through tables with suction cups, each managed with independent vacuum providing flexibility of use of any form, without operator intervention.
Fully faired machines equipped with carpet for the evacuation of waste to increases safety and cleanliness.

Configuration: many configurations and different types of accessories.
Headstock &tailstock system (CN Lathe).
5 axis electro-spindles with power ranging from 16 KW/ 22 HP HSK 63F to 17 KW/ 23 HP HSK 63E air or liquid-cooled.
Wide range of tool magazines.
Blade magazine on board gantry X, dedicated to 5 axis units.
Interfacing with external CAD/ CAM is possible to meet many solid modeling and design requirements.