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CNC Composite Machinery - COLIBRI'

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5 interpolating axis NC center, versatile and compact for machining of thermoformed elements, molds and three-dimensional special designed pieces.

The new CNC COLIBRI' is a range of 5 axis machining centres designed and made by Uniteam to meet the various needs of high-speed machining in the milling industry of advanced materials, composites, special or laminated resins for mold patterns, components for aviation, boats, and the automotive industry.
Thanks to its multiple configurations and the wide range available, it is possible to have X strokes - from 3.000 mm to 5.000 mm; Y strokes - from 1.500 mm to 2.000 mm; Z strokes - 900 / 1.200 mm.

Strengths: The structural thermal stabilization, use of high precision linear guides and precision bearings, direct rack and pinion coupling, make it possible to combine high speed performance and excellent geometrical accuracy.

ConfigurationsCOLIBRI' comes with different 5 axis high power electro-spindles, liquid-cooled orthogonal type. There are also available heads with indexing axis or continuous rotation, power and frequency depending on the required applications.
COLIBRI' has various worktable solutions: single fix aluminum rails supports, single or twin grooved worktable. The machine can be equipped with a standard PC with the latest Windows  and software platform Win NBI (standard supply). The platform includes all software packages required for the machine use.

 NC solutions:  Osai - OPEN M /  Modules I/O CanOpen /  Motor drives Yaskawa Mechatrolink III Sigma 5 SD + Sigma 5