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CNC Composite Machinery - ALUCYBER

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Series of 3-4 or 5-axis very flexible machining centres dedicated to the production of aluminum profiles and advanced materials for various industrial applications.

Strengths: ALUCYBER line is fully customizable, depending on the type of profiles to be machined and the desired degree of automation, allowing to optimize the machine at best, to meet the most demanding production requirements.

Configurations: ALUCYBER has many configurations and accessories granting  the possibility of working different profiles on the same machine. 
High frequency 3 axis electro-spindles with automatic tool change.
High power 5 axis electro-spindles, liquid cooled with automatic tool change.
Revolving tool magazine with 10 stations on board X carriage and head board.
Magazines on the machine for simultaneous tool change on more spindles.
Many types of worktops are available:
- CNC automatic movement of the jaws clamping device for profiles.
- lengthwise movement of the profiles.
- with rotating revolvers.

Standard PC with a Windows OS of the latest generation and a very flexible and customizable parametric CAD.